Molluscs are soft-bodied animals protected by a layer of mantle. Many species of mollusks that have a protective shell lime blend with the coat. Shells can be outside the body or inside the body. Octopuses are mollusks that have no shells at all.

There are more than 100,000 species of mollusks animals, ranging from tiny snails to giant squids. Most of these animals living waters, and only a few are living on land. Several types of mollusks such as mussels are almost never move at all. Mussels attach themselves somewhere and looking for food just by opening their shells. There is also a single-legged molluscs.

Snail is a type of mollusk that has a protective shell to hide from danger. There is also a two-shelled mollusks, with a kind of hinge that can open and close. Two-shelled mollusks known as bivalves. Generally bivalves feed by filtering food and bury myself alive towing and they rarely move.

Octopus and squid are the largest and most intelligent mollusks. Octopus and squid have large brains, have a keen eye, and can quickly get out of danger. They also can change the color coat.

Snail is a species of mollusks that live on land and in water. There are snails that eat plants, others eat meat. In dry and hot climate, land snail shells tightly shut to keep it moist. Snails have strong teeth that are similar to iron ore, even a few species can use their teeth to break the shells of other mollusks.

Source from: Wikipedia

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