Chemotherapy is not Toxic

Chemotherapy is one of the therapies that have the largest dropout rate for the patients. Most patients are afraid of the chemotherapy and often because they fear that their patients chose to discontinue treatment. Which is unfortunate is the fear of not arise because of the side effects of chemotherapy, but because the wrong information about chemotherapy.

The following is an example of incorrect myths about chemotherapy:

First, chemotherapy has many side effects that are harmful to the body. It may be true
chemotherapy has some side effects. But remember, all medical action is to consider the "Risk" and "Benefit". So the side effects of chemotherapy obtained is much smaller than the benefits to be gained. When compared with untreated cancer let the future it will be far more detrimental than the required therapy.

And many say that the chemotherapy is given only had terminal cancer (advanced stage), when in fact not the case. A principle of cancer therapy depends on the type, location, and stage of cancer. In some cases it is given chemotherapy as initial therapy or single therapy while in other cases may be given chemotherapy with surgery and radiotherapy.

Then another myth that is circulating chemotherapy can reduce the quality of life of patients. In fact quite the opposite, chemotherapy can improve patient quality of life and increase life expectancy. There's even a chemotherapy called palliative chemotherapy which aim was not to remove the cancer, but rather reducing suffering and improving quality of life of patients.

Then it is said that chemotherapy in addition to damage cancer cells, chemotherapy also destroy healthy body cells. Chemotherapy affects cells that divide rapidly, in this case the cancer cells. Normal body cells such as blood cells, hair follicle cells, sperm and ovum are also growing rapidly it will also be affected. However, other organs of the cells divide more slowly will have a much smaller effect of this chemotherapy. Addition of chemotherapy use and dosing regimens are carefully calculated to keep the parts of the body will not be affected.

Chemotherapy can cause baldness. Chemotherapy affects the cells that divide rapidly, in this case including the hair follicle cells. Thus at the time of chemotherapy is hair will fall out. But most of this loss is reversible. Hair will grow back after chemotherapy was stopped.

Myths that may be very scary for you all the chemotherapy was very painful. Yet the actual facts of chemotherapy have done very carefully so that the side effects can be minimized, including in this case the pain that arises.

Because of the many myths about chemotherapy, many patients who prefer alternative medicine who does not treat the patient's illness or may have even more aggravating circumstances of the patient. Chemotherapy is not toxic, but a course of treatment can be done to save and improve the patient's life expectancy is longer.

article source: wikipedia

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